Last 100 Messages in Random Order

Our last 100 messages in random order.
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The Eli Spirit

The Entrance Into the Kingdom of God

The Gateway of God

Prepare Now for Service

Bent Toward Heaven

Pilgrims Progress Storytime Episode 3

A Sneaking Suspicion That All Is Not Right

Joseph, The Family Man

Delectable Mountains (or, What Is Your Understanding of the Atonement?)

Jesus Can Not Repent For You

God’s Pleasure in Our Faith

Are You an Overcomer?

This World Is Not My Home

The Great Business of Life

WARNING!!! This Will Not Be Easy

How to Be Happy – 2006

Find Your Wholeness in Jesus (July 2017)

How Can the Lost Be Saved?

True Intimacy with God (Encore)

Signs of the End of the Age

Wake Up!

Blessing or Curses? (2004)

My Heart Cries Out For Jesus

A New Heaven And A New Earth

Covenant Renewed

The Infinite Madness and Blasphemy of Excuses for Sin (Encore)

Born of the Spirit (2003)

The Real Gospel Deals with Sin

Do You Have The Ability To Repent??

What’s the Context? — Part 3

Right Now Call Upon The Name Of The Lord

The Gospel vs. Christian Gnosticism

A Terminal Disease

Jesus Is Coming Again!

God’s Terms for Salvation

Ask, Seek, Knock

Solemn Realities of the Holy Spirit

The Midnight Hour (Prayer Meeting)

The Sacrifice of Intercession – 2005

The Death to the Sentimental Christmas – 2015


Have You Had Enough Yet?

What Does God Want From You??

Unity by the Blood of Jesus (2014)

The Midnight Cry (2008)

Sin Is Selfishness

The Coming of the Son of Man

The Trap For Your Soul

If We Confess Our Sins

A Heart Set on Fire!

Vanity Fair (2009)

Unstuck! (July 2017)

You Must Gain The Final Victory

You Do Not Fear God

Approaching the Throne of Grace

The Dreaded Seventh Seal

A Voice Crying In The Desert

Who Shall Ascend into the Hill of the Lord?

The Mind of the Spirit

You Shall Cross The Barren Desert

Open A Door Of Hope Through Prayer

Divine Love is the Great Test

A Living Hope (April 2017)

Entering into the Kingdom of God

Don’t Argue With God

Wait For The Lord!

A Letter from God

The Footsteps of God

From Bitter To Sweet

Transferred (from the Kingdom of Darkness) to the Kingdom of Light

Double-Minded No More?

Escape The Giant Despair

Are You a Romans Seven Christian?

Much More Amazing Grace!

Enter Not into Temptation (2004)

The Gift of an Anguished Mind (October 2014)


The Road to Life (2008)

He Is Willing To Make You Clean

Are You Ready For Jesus To Come?

I Am Sick Of Humanism In The Church

Caring Enough?

I Must Lose This Corrupt Self!

Willing to be Made Willing – 2005

Thank You For Being A Jealous God

The Midnight Cry (2008)

Begone Unbelief!

Dressed and Ready

A Love That Will Not Fail

We Will Suffer Persecution

Cut Down and Thrown Into the Fire

The Time Line to Eternity

Principles of Revival – Part 1


The Faith from God (in the Elijah Company)

Principles of Intercession (October 15, 2012)

Don’t Do Business With The Devil

Abandoned (2011)

Be on Your Guard – (2004)

Growing Up in Jesus (2010)