Where Will You Spend Eternity? (2012)

Our journey with our dear brother Christian takes us from the church into a battle with Apollyon. Have you made that decision to follow Jesus, come what may?

We begin today on page 85 in the book Pilgrim’s Progress (edited by C.J. Lovik) where Christian is at a resting place, which we know as the church or the body of Christ. Have you asked yourself this question of where will you spend eternity or perhaps somehow presumed that the question has already been answered? It’s a sobering question to honestly ask the Holy Spirit to unfold for us.

Christian continues into this dark valley (in Chapter 4 of the Pilgrim’s Progress) and his heart is uncovered by questions. The battle with Apollyon ensues. Pastor Ray describes the battle, which is peace and rest on the inside and oftentimes strife and difficulty on the outside. There are many battles on this journey to the Celestial City and we must have a fixed determination to get there.

(Note: We’ve included the sermon that Pastor Ray referenced during today’s broadcast entitled The Strait Gate below today’s message.)


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