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You Must Have A Deep Inner Calling

What is this deep inner calling?
You Must Have A Deep Inner Calling  6 - 23 - 2020 : Pilgrim's Progress Live Stream

The series on the life of Elijah continues, and Pastor Ray lays out this deep inner calling or passion for Jesus that leads us to the cross. This is a work that Jesus wants to do in your heart, if you’re willing to pay the price.

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  1. I thank God for the series of messages from the Pilgrim’s Progress. I have published a book on Christian Race, and Pilgrim’s Progress emphasizes on its contents. I am blessed each day I listen these messages. If all professed preachers should preach like this around the world, we would have had a needful revival and spiritual wakefulness and sincere repentance towards the coming rapture. I am praying for God’s provision to give any amount towards this project and spread the messages on social media…

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