Fig Leaves and Cheap Prayers

Find out why our hidden fig leaves need to be removed and our cheap prayers discontinued. May all lies be uncovered as you listen to the broadcast.
1-31-2024   Fig Leaves And  Cheap Prayers

Pastor Ray lays out the issues up front, beginning with Genesis Chapter 3, where the devil lied to Eve that they could be like god and that lie still resonates in most of the modern church. Believing these lies lead to fig leaves (i.e. false coverings to hide our sin or to hide our nakedness) and further leads us to cheap sentimental prayers that cost nothing and mean nothing to Him. Are you willing to have all of these false things stripped out of your life?

During the last part of the broadcast Pastor Ray focuses on the lies to the Holy Spirit by Ananias and Sapphira, which cost them their lives (and their eternal life as well). Ask Jesus to remove all falseness from your heart and your life and to give you a heart willing to repent.

Repentance is an ACTION, not an emotion.

Pastor Ray during today’s broadcast

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