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The Second Pentecost

Does your religious talk and your actual walk with Jesus congruent? That's the key to being a part of the second Pentecost dear one...
11-02-2023 - The Second Pentecost

On today’s Pilgrim’s Progress Pastor Ray melds the reading and study of Acts Chapter 10 in with the plight of a dear listener, who is seeking to be fully restored to Jesus. What is the key to be restored? We know that we’re called to pray and read the scriptures, do you actually do those things? The key is laid out by Pastor Ray multiple times during the broadcast but it’s simply this: Our walk and talk must match, otherwise this gap will create more and more distance between your heart and Jesus.

That’s the key to walking with Jesus, it’s the key to becoming a Christian, and it’s the key if you’ve backslidden and you want to get back with Jesus. Now this sounds very simple but there’s a huge price to pay, which is your life dear one, so it’s definitely not cheap…

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