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person standing at the field during golden hour

The Coming of Faith (2005)

Find out today what the coming of faith is as you listen today. God bless you as listen.

Many of you know what the coming of faith means but have been unwilling to risk everything for the Word of God to your heart. Are you willing to put everything on the line for what Jesus wants to do in your heart, regardless of what your intellect may say, regardless of how you feel?

Is your life being given over for the kingdom of God NOW? Allow Jesus to speak as you listen to this powerful and precious message.

The Coming of Faith - (Short)

…”Faith is my willingness to believe His word regardless of what it feels like or what it looks like, regardless of what other people say to me, regardless of the voices of the past that ring in my ears and tell me don’t trust it. Faith is believing that what God has said is true and acting on that word, not saying let me wait and see.” 

Pastor Ray during today’s sermon