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Keep Yourself From Idols

Today's message is a call to go deeper, much deeper with Jesus, in this shallow and wicked culture in which we live. Are you willing?
11-06-2023 -  Keep  Yourself From Idols

On today’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Pastor Ray begins by reading a story of the Micah and his household (Chapters 17 and 18) from the both of Judges. The important thing to note is everyone did what was right in his/her eyes. Do you see the parallel between this story and life in the Western world?

Jesus is calling us all of this shallow and wicked culture into deeper intimacy with Him. This will necessitate a single-minded focus to serve and obey Jesus, are you willing to confess your own shallowness and seek to go deeper with Jesus? (Note: This includes dealing with any idols in your heart.)