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Go Deep With Jesus

What does it mean to go deeper with Jesus and why is that so important? Find out that and more on today's Pilgrim's Progress.
11-07-2023 - Go Deep With Jesus

We’ve not gone deep with Jesus because we have a false sentimental notion of who Jesus is and our focus is primarily on our own self-improvement or what we want. Ask the Holy Spirit for a real fear of God, not one that pushes you from Jesus but rather one that draws your heart close to Him. He is the Master of the Universe and mighty, not someone who caters to our every whim.

Are you willing to ask Jesus to remove every vestige of shallowness in your heart and deal with every issue as He sees fit?

“There’s only one way you can gain the the fear of God and that’s by thinking about it.” 

Pastor Ray Greenley during today’s broadcast

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