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5009 Softwood Lane

Woodbridge, VA 22152


Surviving the House Renovation (2015)

This renovation process is not the work of a lifetime but we can elongate it. I'll simply say don't do that, it's not worth it...

The house renovation is for those who have entered the school of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes in power to claim ownership of what belongs to Him. We’ve said it multiple ways, that Jesus has to take us all the way to the bottom or to use the term that John Wesley and others coined “entire sanctification.”

We’re not the ones who determine when the renovation is complete. God is the potter and we are the clay and it’s humbling as all vestiges of pride are uncovered. Our role is simply to agree with the Holy Spirit and not turn away (See Hebrews 12).

His intent is to redeem us and to set us free. Let Jesus have His way in your heart dear one!


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