God CAN Manage Your Life

If you've said yes to Jesus, He will manage your life and that won't be pretty unless you align your will with His.
7-13-2017 God CAN Manage Your Life - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

God promised Jacob the birthright and blessing. Then, Esau threatened the fulfillment of this promise. So what did Jacob do? Instead of crying out to God, “I know what you have promised and that you will fulfill it,” he took matters into his own hands. He lied, deceived, and cheated his father and brother. As a result, Esau threatened to kill him; Isaac sent him away without a bride price; and Jacob spent 20 years in hard labor.

We face the same choice as Jacob. Will you let God manage your life, or do you believe that you have to do it? If you believe that you have to manage your life, it’s first because you don’t believe that God is able or willing to do so. Secondly, it’s because the pride of your heart says, “Well, if God won’t do it, then I can.”

Because sin exists in this decision to be the master of your own life, to mange your life is to depart from holiness and peace. This is true even if you’re managing your life in order to bring about the promises of God.

Do you live in the daily reality that you will receive from God only what he chooses to give you? If not, will you repent now, and let God totally and completely manage your life?

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