Lord, What Will You Have Me Do?

Does your walk with Jesus reflect single-minded submission to Him?

When the church began, a man named Saul did everything he could to kill Christians. Finally, Jesus Christ confronted this man while he traveled to Damascus. Struck blind, Saul said, “Lord, what will you have me do?” Then, instead of going to counseling, workshops, or struggling with sin, Paul began a new life in Christ: a life of humility, devotion to the church, and suffering for Jesus.

This position of sinless submission to Jesus is one that you too must take if you hope to enter heaven. Though not every conversion will look the same, all will include a clear moment in time when you forever leave darkness and give yourself totally to Jesus, to obey him completely. You must then persevere in the faith. Don’t even think about sinning against God. As Jesus said, “Remember Lot’s wife!”