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Do You Love Jesus, Of Course, Really

Is your love for Jesus clearly reflected in everything you do or is it all about you?
2-20-2024   Do You Love Jesus, Of Course, Really

The question that we need to ask ourselves as Pastor Ray has been asking Jesus and himself do we really love Jesus? Is that reflected in the choices we make, do we make choices to please ourselves or to please Jesus and to be obedient to Him? Pastor Ray goes through a story in Pilgrim’s Progress (most of Chapter 8), which is so convicting because it’s very similar to where most of us live. I’m sure that Pastor Ray will be delving into this topic more deeply but it’s important to drop your defenses and allow the Holy Spirit access to your heart.

Jesus hasn’t come to condemn you but rather transform you but what has happened in reality to your love for Jesus. It’s something to ponder over, especially as you pray.

“If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.”

John 14:15 – Berean Study Bible

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