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An End of Entertainment

Are you medicating your soul through entertainment, such as binge-watching videos, overeating, etc.
4-04-2017 An End of Entertainment - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

Do these messages hook into your soul, lead you to repentance, and result in a change in your behavior? If not, entertainment may be the culprit that has turned your brain to mush and closed the narrow door of repentance promised to us in Genesis 3:15. Unlike recreation, which rebuilds the vital energies of soul and body, entertainment is a deathly diversion that paves the way for an easy embrace of the sinning Christian gospel. But, to say, “I’m a sinner, and I’m always going to be a sinner, but I’m forgiven,” is just as absurd as a leper walking around saying, “I’m a leper, but grace covers my leprosy. I can never be healed of my leprosy, but God views me as clean!”

Has it hit you yet that the good news of Jesus Christ is that you STOP BEING A SINNER and you BECOME A SAINT by a SUPERNATURAL work of grace? Are these words sinking in, or are they water off a duck’s back? If this glorious gospel isn’t colliding with your soul in life-changing power, could it be because you’ve numbed out with the television?


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