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Do You Have The Ability To Repent??

Do you see your need of repentance as evidenced by a love of Vanity Fair?
7- 14 -2021   Do You Have The Ability To Repent

Why would we not repent? Simply put because we think repentance is for them and not for me. We don’t see the necessity of humility as a requirement for servanthood to Jesus. Many hearts are twisted by a love of Vanity Fair (which can entail many things) and that blocks us from repentance because we’re full (of ourselves). Do you have a great need for repentance and has that been obscured by your self-love or love of other things?

We must allow Jesus to show us our true condition. Are you willing to ask Jesus to reveal your own heart? Will you take the time to get real with Jesus?

“They (we have to learn this too) had to learn that “Pentecost” meant the dying out to the self-life, carnal ambition, pride, etc. It meant for them to enter into the “fellowship of His sufferings,” not simply to have a popular, good time.”

Frank Bartleman