Tearing the Heart of God (February 2017)

Are you tearing the heart of God by your attitudes toward Him?

After Sister Michelle opens with an exhortation to obedience motivated by God’s love for us, Pastor Ray unfolds the book of Hosea and its relevance to the modern church. A Christian or church in this place is one who has cheated on God and now has one last chance to earn back God’s trust. Two great sins are identified: first, turning aside from Jesus and being disloyal when our walk with him becomes painful; and second, running from God when he comes to us. This behavior tears the heart of God, who cries, “I love you! How can I give you up?” If we, as a church, do not quickly return to God, he has every right to end our relationship in the divorce decree, “I am not your God, and you are not my people. “Does the idea of God saying, “Don’t call me your God,” terrify you? Are you fully devoted to Jesus today?

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