The Faith from God (in the Elijah Company)

Do you have faith from God?
03-02-2016 The Faith from God (in the Elijah Company) - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

These messages are exceedingly difficulty to provide brief summations, given their meaty nature. The primary focus of today is on the faith from God. Using 1 Corinthians 2 and Mark 11, Pastor Ray makes the point that simply being in the presence of Jesus must be the all-consuming goal of the Elijah company but none of us can make it to God on our own. Flesh only produces flesh. You can’t pump up faith like a football. Mark 11:22 says And Jesus having answered says to them, “You must have faith from God.” (Malcolm L. Lavender, Lavender’s New Testament, A Literal Translation of the Robinson-Pierpont Majority Text(1995)).

As a reminder, here are the marks of the Elijah company:

  • An absolute refusal to compromise with Ba’al or Baal, believed to be the god of prosperity or the god of fire;
  • A willingness to pray for judgment unto repentance;
  • A willingness to be hidden away, so there must not be a desire for recognition, simply willing to be a servant of Jesus;
  • An agreement that the company will only receive from the hand of God, however God chooses;
  • A prayerful heart that seeks the Mt. Carmel experience;
  • A single-mindedness of seeking Jesus with all of our hearts (i.e., no hidden agendas);
  • A full recognition that God’s work is too big for us but we are willing to invest all of our energy in going after Jesus (God’s work always requires God’s power);
  • An ongoing and increasingly critical need of a fresh revelation of the glory of Jesus, simply to be in His presence not to use Him for what we can get out of Him.

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