The devil is a liar

What Has The Devil Ever Done For You??

Are you tired of serving the devil in part, so you could have what you think you want? The devil can do nothing but kill, steal and destroy, when are you going to catch on?
10-18-2023 - What Has The  Devil Ever Done For You

On today’s Pilgrim’s Progress, we look at the critical question is your heart under condemnation from Romans Chapter 8. If the answer is yes, that’s a clear indication that you’re either in sin or we have deliberately withheld something from Jesus. In other words, you’re either knowingly or perhaps in ignorance serving the devil. This leads us to the title of today’s broadcast, which is a question from the Holy Spirit.

Here’s a brief excerpt that we posted on YouTube and a number of social platforms.

What Has The Devil Ever Done For You (Short)

The devil will never bring anything of value into your life and he will always have room to bring accusations, until you finally give yourself fully into the hands of Jesus. Jesus wants to deliver you dear one from every lie (and the fruits of those lies) the devil has brought into your life.

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