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Please, An End To Stubborn Ignorance

Have you been made into a new creature by Jesus?
7- 22 -2021  Please, An End To Stubborn Ignorance

There’s no greater promise in the scriptures than to be regenerated, which simply means to be made anew (see below). Once this promise has been activated through repentance and surrender to Jesus, it will transform your life. It’s been widely misunderstood either through a belief that you can never be free of sin or by that somehow/some way you have to earn it.

Listen to today’s message and be set free by the blood of Jesus, that’s where the power is! Jesus desire is to destroy the works of the devil in your life!

Regeneration means to change the heart and affections from natural enmity to the love of God.
Ignorance is defined as the want (or lack), absence or destitution of knowledge

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary