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Do Not Lie Against Your Soul

Is your heart to bring God's kingdom upon the earth or is your life about your kingdom?
7- 6 -2021   Do Not Lie Against Your  Soul

A series from the book of Daniel continues as Pastor Ray’s message is an exhortation against compromise to the world by talking about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and their great test of their faithfulness to God. How does this apply to us? Many in the modern church are wed to the world (evident by their actions) versus those who are sold out to Jesus who receive only what He provides. Jesus has delivered us from ALL compromise and all cowardice as laid in 1 John 2.

Is your allegiance to Jesus and to bringing his kingdom upon the earth? This message clearly lays out the difference between a Christian and the worldly person. What do your deeds testify about your life? You must be willing to be honest before Jesus or how else will you stand before Him?

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