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Disgraced In His Grace

The call is to awaken from slumber and no longer give any room to satan and his minions. Are you willing to cry out to Jesus?
8-23-2022  Disgraced In His Grace

After a brief introduction from the book of Jude, Pastor Ray goes through a number of scriptures laid out by chapter in the tags at the bottom of the post. Have you disgraced Jesus by how you have lived and lived as a babe in Christ? It’s time to wake up and grow up in this hour, will you do it? Will you be sanctified holy and crucified with Christ?

Have you made an unequivocal decision to fully awaken and give yourself fully to Jesus? Are you a wish or foolish virgin? Have you trimmed your lamp and do you have a sufficient amount of oil? Today is the day of salvation will you heed the Word of the Lord to your heart??