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The Unseen Danger (2012)

Do you see the unseen danger?

Like the 2012 tsunami in Japan, the judgment of God approaches all mankind. For many, this is an unseen danger. Just as we may say, “Other nations suffer sickness and famine, but America never will,” we can say, “I know others will go to hell, but I won’t.”

But, what is our basis for saying that? Do we meet the conditions for salvation laid out in Scripture? Are we even aware of what the conditions are?

Jesus said that many would try to enter the kingdom of heaven, and wouldn’t be able to. This ought to drive all casualness from our hearts. Instead of taking it for granted that we’ll go to a better place when we die, we ought to give the utmost attention to Jesus and his kingdom. In the words of Jesus, “Strive to enter!”

Because you were once saved does not mean that you are saved today. If you go back into sin, death and hell lurk at the door. Does the idea of sinning scare you? Are you aware of the danger if you were to sin? Or are you one of the many who thinks they’re saved, when they’re not?