I'm not a liar!

Do Not Lie To The Holy Spirit

What does it mean to lie to the Holy Spirit versus being bent to the Holy Spirit and Jesus? Find out as you listen along...
10-05-2023 - Do Not Lie To The Holy Spirit

Which way are you bending your heart toward Jesus or toward the devil? We bend our hearts to the devil by lying about our true condition and thinking we’re the “man” (or woman or boy or girl), who can take care of everything. We lie to the Holy Spirit by going our own way, refusing to submit to Jesus. Eventually, that type of behavior will catch up with you and I, as it did for King Saul. Pastor Ray makes this clear by going through the life of King Saul and highlighting some of the critical decisions he made.

We must choose now to bend our hearts fully to Jesus, what will do dear one? Don’t lie to the Holy Spirit dear one, the price is high, very high indeed…

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