Photo by Tim Wildsmith

The One True Gospel (2015)

An introduction to our study of the book of Galatians on today's Pilgrim's Progress. God bless you as you listen!
One True Gospel Short - Short

Today’s encore message is the first one in a series on Galatians that Pastor Ray did back in 2015. (We’ve included the short posted on YouTube earlier today from this message, as part of the post.) The Apostle Paul contrasts the true Gospel versus the false gospel, which is not good news. The Gospel of Jesus is not a try harder or sin-repent Gospel but is a Gospel where we are made righteous through faith in Christ, as we leave all sin and surrender to Jesus..

The surprising part of the message is the application of the message, which begins around the 37 minute mark. This is very helpful and you’ll need to listen to it. Have you cut off the traditions and rituals, as these things will not bring nurturance to our souls? Note that Jesus always brings victory over sin by amputation.

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