Understanding Gospel Language

Today's powerful message will set you free to those who desire to be free but our Bible language must be changed to comport with the scriptures, lest we believe lies.
10-17-2022 - Understanding Gospel Language

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray uncovers the corrupted Christian meanings, which has been fed by lies, which block God’s people from repentance and being made into a new creature and provide a false assurance. Have you believed any lies, blocking you from being born from above and made into a new creature as you’re crucified with Christ?

The key words being defined today are shown in the tags and they’re the most common words that are incorrectly defined. They’re not complex but likely to be different than what you’ve been taught as they have been for us. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, will you cry out to Him to finish this work in your heart or will you choose to be self-deluded? Will you be crucified with Christ??

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