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The Vital Elements of the Christian Faith (October 2014)

How did the sinning Christian lie slip into the church?

Building on yesterday’s message,, Pastor Ray delves into the lives of John Calvin and Jacobus Arminius and their doctrinal movements with the Synod of Dort and the Remonstrance. Calvin killed and imprisoned those who disagreed with him, while Arminius brought to light the lie of the sinning Christian and the truth that we can live without sin in this life. In the 1700s, the Wesley brothers uncovered the doctrine of entire sanctification, thereby restoring the apostolic doctrine of Christianity. This struggle over the gospel, and the pervasive denial of a sinless life, blocks the needed revival in America today. If you can walk in your sin and still be saved, then what need is there for a revival of holiness? Beloved, has Jesus removed all of your sins? If not, will you submit to him TODAY and let him free you?

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