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The Hidden Path, Made Plain (2008)

Have you experienced the double cure?

“Be of sin the double cure; save from wrath and make me pure.” This hymn reveals the glory of the new covenant. Though simple, this plain gospel is often obscured by confusion, excuses for sin, and false teaching.

Simply, the ceremonial law of the Old Covenant could not make anyone perfect. But, the new covenant does make those who enter it perfect. We are not only saved from wrath (justified), but we are made pure (sanctified), because of the work of Christ.

This glorious gospel releases the lost from all sin. It cleanses and purifies the conscience. As a result, we can serve God acceptably, and at the end receive an eternal inheritance.

True salvation always involves this double cure. In other words, you cannot be saved from wrath without also being made pure. Is this your present experience?

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