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A Great Delusion (October 2014)

In 2021, we would call this great delusion misinformation, that's one of the devil's ways...

Following up on yesterday’s broadcast, stor Ray shows that the great delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11) which will lead many to receive the mark of the beast is the word manipulation of key salvation terms. While the Protestant Reformation made a vital break with the Roman Catholic Church over salvation by faith, and not works, it did not restore apostolic Christianity. Instead, the doctrine that Jesus received the full wrath of God for the elect, thereby legally satisfying their debt, developed as the linchpin of Calvin’s TULIP theology. Instead of being saved from sin, the Christian is only saved from the penalty of sin. This system empties the blood of Jesus and the atonement of their power. Millions who are trusting in a legal salvation while living in sin will wake up in hell! Instead of being comfortable in our sin, each one of us must come to a crisis point when we see sin for what it really is, and recognize that unless we stop sinning we are eternally lost. What will you do today with the blood of Jesus Christ?

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