a wooden block spelling truth next to a bouquet of flowers

Can You Handle The Truth?

On today's broadcast, Pastor Ray walks us through the primary works (i.e. the truth) of the Holy Spirit, as laid out in the scriptures. Have you allowed the Holy Spirit access (i.e. conviction, repentance and full surrender) to your heart?

Scriptures referenced during today’s broadcast: Acts 2, John 15, John 16

Pastor Ray walks us through a number of scriptures with the focus on what the Holy Spirit wants to do in our hearts. This work begins and concludes with the baptism in the Holy Spirit. In the modern church, we’ve attempted to avoid conviction and have replaced that with other things, such as the happy spirit rather than the Holy Spirit. Listen to the scriptures and allow the Holy Spirit access to your heart.

The Holy Spirit must deal with all of the sin of our hearts and it must be purged from our souls. The only way to heaven for each one of us is by dealing with the issue of sin (i.e. confession, repentance, crucifixion), what will you do dear one?

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