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The Making of a Man (or Woman of God)

Hear the call to be a part of a Joseph company and what that means on today's Pilgrim's Progress. Take a close honest look where your roots are planted...

Are you determined to have all of your roots in Jesus Christ? The roots will grow in whatever you plant yourself in. So where is your life planted dear one?

Hear the call to be a part of the Joseph company, meaning sold out and fully given into the hands of Jesus! This is being planted in Jesus.

“Every man goes where his love carries him. I want to say that again, every man goes where his love carries him. If the world has your love you will go to the world. If Jesus or truth has your love, that’s where you will go, but it’s not that simple because we have many loves and so we’re very splattered.”

Pastor Ray during today’s sermon

Have you separated yourself from the darkness of the world? Listen closely to all of the elements of the Joseph company and determine in your heart that will you obey Him and fully give yourself into His mighty hand.

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