By the Grace of God, I’m NOT Going Back

Have you made a decision to not go back but rather to give yourself fully into the hands of Jesus?

God takes us all the way to the bottom so that our hearts are ultimately changed. This is such an incredibly painful truth, it’s only by the grace of God that are hearts are exposed.

“There are no good upstanding people.” “No one is good—except God alone.

Pastor Ray and Mark 10:18(b) from Jesus

“Jesus doesn’t want your sins! What will they do for Him? He wants you! He must be Saviour AND Lord. If Jesus is not Lord of all then He isn’t Lord at all.”

Leonard Ravenhill – Revivalist

Pastor Ray lays out the four keys to revival from 1697 in Germany. The first is a total self-renunciation followed by a teaching about how the Holy Spirit will relentlessly pursue us, followed by the utterly worthlessness of false religion based on fear of hell or hope of reward (and not intimacy with Jesus) and finally the last key doctrine is the teaching of absolutely equality between lay people and clergy (meaning no pecking order in the body of Christ other than Jesus is the head).

He goes to lay out four things that we need to watch out for in this process: a critical spirit in us, defensiveness manifesting itself in name-calling and the like, contempt – total devaluation of another person, and finally stonewalling, where we just shut ourselves down.

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