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The Crushing Weight Of Sin

Are you under the crushing weight of sin? Do you know the path to deliverance? Listen and be set free today.
6-15-2023 - The Crushing Weight Of Sin

Do you know of the crushing weight of sin? Not in some intellectual way, not the sin of another, but your sin? Pastor Ray lays this out for us today, are you willing to cut it off, even it seems good? Remember that it is the tree of knowledge of good and evil that is sinful. Are you willing to only eat from the tree of life?

“All sin flows out of lust.”

Pastor Ray During both yesterday and today

The dying out process need not be lengthy or complex, but we must identify if/where/when we’ve been sinning, repent and cut it off. Where is your heart today in the light of God’s word? Do have a heart like Daniel?

“Dying to self, means I cut it (i.e. sin) off.”

Pastor Ray

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