Photo by kalhh

School of the Brokenhearted – 2013

Find out what the school of the brokenhearted is and the necessity of going through it. Are you willing to walk through this painful place?

Have you enrolled in the school of the brokenhearted? If you are to be used by God, we must go through this school of the brokenhearted. It’s designed by God specifically for every heart willing to say yes to Jesus. Don’t be a King Saul or one of the others mentioned in the message who looked for a shortcut. Beloved, there’s no shortcut but for those, which lead to destruction.

Let Jesus reveal your inner heart and totally transform you by the blood of Jesus. Listen to Pastor Ray lay out the path we must follow, as King David did. Make a decision to be broken, not embittered, and trust Jesus to take you through this school. Note the contrast between King David and King Saul.

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