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The Great Desolation

Do you know that we're inching closer to the great desolation? Are you ready and have you put all of your trust in Jesus?
1-10-2024  The Great Desolation

We are moving toward the great desolation, which will uncover where we truly live, as opposed to where we think we live. The fruit we produce reveals what we’re connected to, either the vine Jesus Christ or the devil’s vine. The Lord calls for a self-sacrificing lifestyle that will require all of the foliage to be removed. That sounds and is quite painful.

Life flow comes either from the vine of Jesus Christ or from the devil, which will you choose dear one? Are you willing to do a close examination of your life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit? If you decide to switch into the vine of Jesus, know that this transition will be painful, as you are crucified with Christ.

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