IMG 6421 X France 18è siècle Le Bon Samaritain. The Good Samaritan. Aix en Provence. Musée Granet.

Stop Loving Your Pain

The parable of the Good Samaritan will come alive as you listen to this broadcast. May Jesus meet and transform your heart as you listen.
10-30-2023 - Stop Loving Your Pain

Pastor Ray walks us through the Parable of the Good Samaritan verse by verse from the Gospel of Luke. The revelations and understandings will be incredibly beneficial to you if you have ears to hear. If you don’t know, find out who the Good Samaritan is and what He wants to do for you. You may not physically be like this but you could be wounded and dying from the blows the devil and his minions have inflicted upon you.

This will be good news, no it will be great news to your heart if you can identify with this poor man from Luke Chapter 10. Jesus requires only our repentance and full submission from us. As Pastor Ray says almost every broadcast, the Christian walk is NOT self-help (but rather crucifixion and submission to Jesus). Be blessed as you listen…