Holy Love and the Critical Spirit

Do you have a critical spirit? If so, this must be dealt with to the bottom as it will destroy your walk with Jesus. Beware!
6-20-2017 Tenderness of Spirit - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

Holy love and the critical spirit oppose one another. With this in mind, G.D. Watson’s essay, “A Critical Spirit,” provides context for understanding recent events at the National Prayer Chapel. At the National Prayer Chapel, we emphasized repentance and righteousness. But, we didn’t lift love to the same standard. This created an environment where criticism and judgments could flourish–and destroy.

Now, we see that the gospel isn’t about righteousness with a side of love. Instead, love is the whole deal. We put away sin and pursue righteousness so that we can love one another without judgments. Do you have this holy love for the saints? Are they all beautiful to you? Or do you always try to find a fault?