Tenderness of Spirit

Will you allow Jesus to make you in a tender-hearted lion instead of a cold-hearted bear?
6-20-2017 Tenderness of Spirit - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

Tenderness of spirit is the Christ-life in a man or a woman. A person may be very religious, proper, and holy, yet lack a tender spirit. Indeed, a person may even be sanctified, yet their fruit is green–sour. Now, the National Prayer Chapel is walking out this transition from outward religious piety to an inward tender heart. We’re becoming tender through suffering.

A tender heart and spirit in the members of a church unites them as a body. Instead of claiming ownership over another, we recognize that our brothers and sisters belong to Jesus. We serve one another with tender affection. Have you allowed the Holy Spirit to use the suffering in your life as a winepress to increase your tenderness?

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