False Comforts

Are you willing to lay down your false comforts and be honest before Jesus?
9-11-2017 False Comforts - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

For centuries, Christians have defeated their own purposes in reaching out to the lost. How? When sinners become anxious about their souls, Christians gave them false comforts. Some of these false comforts include:

  • Telling a sinner, “Just chill. Don’t worry. Nobody’s perfect”
  • Conversion is a long, slow, progressive process
  • Praying that God will help the sinner repent
  • Telling a sinner, “Do your best, and God will make up the rest”
  • Praying that God will give the sinner more conviction
  • Making your experience a blueprint for someone else
  • Telling a sinner, “Don’t worry. I’m praying for you. God began a good work in you, and he’ll finish it!”

The common denominator among all false comforts is that they give the sinner an excuse to not repent. And, they make the sinner’s continuance in sin God’s fault.

So first, have you comforted yourself with any of these lies? If so, it’s time to renounce them, forsake all sin, and live holy in Jesus.

Secondly, have you given these false comforts to others? If so, will you go to as many of those sinners as you can, and tell them that you gave them wrong instruction and false comfort–and urge them to repent immediately?

May God have mercy on his people for misleading so many who might have been saved–but now are lost forever!

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