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How to Pray for Revival

Living to pray for revival and meet any conditions laid out in the scriptures?
9-06-2017 How to Pray For Revival - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

So you want revival–but how do you pray for it? Will, “Lord, send revival,” work? You may start there, but you won’t get very far until you get specific. This broadcast lays out very specific, practical instructions on how to pray for revival.

As is often the case, you first need to repent for your cold heart and lack of prayer for the lost. Renounce any lies that you’ve believed, including, “Conversion is gradual,” “So-and-so isn’t ready yet,” or “If I just love them, then they’ll see Jesus in me and ask questions.” These lies chill the heart and block agony for the lost.

Next, as you’re led by the Spirit, begin to deeply think about a particular person’s sins. Consider the individual’s guilt. How does he or she offend God by his or her sin? This will lead to a consideration of the person’s danger–namely, the just wrath of God. Then, let the Holy Spirit give you evidence from the Scriptures, such as specific promises, so that you can pray in faith. Pray, without selfish motives, and expect God to answer. Then keep praying until God answers!

Will you pay the price to pray for conversions of specific people? If so, you will rejoice with Jesus and all of heaven when they repent!

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