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Gaggle of Lies

The Lie That Keeps On Lying

Has your walk with Jesus been impacted by the primary lie of the modern church? Found out today what that is.
5-24-2022   The Lie That Keeps On Lying

We live in an age of lies that abound in every sector of our culture , which has brought such wickedness and pain. Pastor Ray focus today is on the lie that keeps on lying in the church. Do you know what that lie is? To say it succinctly, it’s the lie that says you can never be free of your sin. To say it another way, it’s the fallacy of the sinning Christian. It’s to equate the blood of Jesus with the blood of animals (see Hebrews 10).

Don’t believe the primary lie we’re focusing on today and listen to the message today and be set free by Jesus!


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