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Wake Up And Fight!

The call of the Spirit is to awaken from our slumber and fight against the wickedness in our modern church that result in lukewarmness.

Pastor Ray begins today’s broadcast by defining who make up the Laodicean church, which is in essence those who are not totally given into the hands of Jesus. The defining characteristic is that their life resolves self, not Jesus. Pastor continues to the book of Hebrews and lays out a critically important truth, which is mistranslated in almost all translation and unfolds a large part of Hebrews (see below).

We understand the ages to have been put right by faith in a rhema from God, so that the things being seen have not happened out of things being visible.

Hebrews 11:3 – Lavender New Testament (Literal Greek translation)

He continues to discuss the church of Pergamum. All of us must put all of our energies, including all of our resources fully into the hands of Jesus to fight this battle in the spirit against the forces of darkness that will destroy us, unless we’re fully engaged in this war. (Note: We were unable to embed today’s YouTube broadcast.)

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