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Don’t Do Business With The Devil

Are you willing to no longer compromise with the devil any more and stand against the darkness, regardless of the cost?
6-28-2022  Don't Do Business With The Devil

Today’s message was an exhortation to have a backbone and stand against the darkness that is unveiling itself against us, if you’re a sold out servant to the Lord Jesus Christ. That will likely have repercussions as you lose reputation, favor, etc. (whatever the Lord allows to be stripped off). Is that okay to you? Didn’t Jesus tell us that this would cost us everything? Will you take courage and align yourself with Jesus?

Be bold and courageous but full of the love of Jesus and the fire of God against sin at the same time. It’s time dear one, it’s time… (Note: We had some problems with the opening music and that’s been removed for today.)


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