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How Do I Face The Coming Storm?

There is any more important question to the Christian in the western world today? Persecution is coming and we must make ourselves ready!
6-29-2022  How Do I Face The Coming Storm

How are we to prepare for the coming storm that looms directly before us? Pastor Ray lays out what must be done in preparation of the storm, which you’ve heard many times before if you’ve listened to these broadcasts, which is to say that we must be born from above and fully surrendered into the hands of Jesus, come what may. He goes on to Philippians 1 to map out the path that lies directly ahead for us, that Paul penned before His death. We’re on the same path as the Apostle Paul and Jesus wants a testimony in this generation, will you be among those who are faithful to Jesus? Are you ready to suffer or do you consider yourself immune from such things?

The key is to prepare for the great judgment day, not the storm. Are you willing to do that today?

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