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Today's message was an unexpected rebuke from the Holy Spirit to those of us who identify as Christians. Listen closely and respond as the Holy Spirit speaks through Pastor Ray.
4-22-2024   Desolation

Scriptures Used During Today’s Message: Jer. 13:1-11, Romans 6:23, Rev. 21

Today’s message was ordered by the Holy Spirit early this morning, which is the topic of a short that will be on our YouTube channel. America is headed into a time of great desolation, our hope must rest fully in Jesus himself, not a fictitious sentimental or cotton-candy Jesus. He demands a full yielding of ourselves and a leave of all sin, which includes many of the idols that many “Christians” feast upon.

Are you willing to get to Jesus and confess your love of darkness and the things of the world, so that you won’t be a part of this desolation that’s coming. Please listen to this message in its entirety.

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