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Don’t Make God Harden Your Heart

Are you willing to offer your whole heart to Jesus on the altar once for all...
8- 05 -2021 Don't Make God Harden Your Heart

The series on Moses from the book of Exodus continues today. The deliverance story of Moses (and the Israelites) was a dress rehearsal for the end of time, the time we’re now in. We can cross a line with God where we harden our hearts against God to where He will harden our hearts and we’ll have no place to repent. God’s love is unfailing, not unconditional. None of us are entitled to redemption, mercy or salvation. If you’ve hardened your heart, get to Jesus while you still can repent. Today is the day of salvation, we have no guarantee of tomorrow.

Do you see the plagues of God falling upon this land, calling for repentance and a giving of ourselves to Jesus?


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