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On today's Pilgrim's Progress, Pastor Ray continues our study of Romans, focusing on the deadliness of sin. It will kill you if it goes on unabated, but you can change this situation by siding with Jesus against your sin.
6-18-2024  SIN WILL KILL YOU

Scriptures Used During Today’s Broadcast: Romans 1:22-32, Romans 2, Revelation 20

Pastor Ray goes over the last section of the first chapter of Romans. We’re either given over to repentance and submission to Jesus or we’re given over to sin. All these wicked sins are laid out at the end of the first Chapter of Roman that come because of our wickedness.

Are you willing to continue in the degrading of your body and soul or are you willing to come out of it through the gift of repentance by the power of the blood of Jesus? Jesus’ desire is to set you free, but you must make the decision to break with your wickedness.

“You are what you feast on.”

Pastor Ray during today’s broadcast