What You Must NOT Do (to Walk in Salvation) (January 2017)

Practical words directly from the scriptures...

Compromising gospels have so overgrown the straight way of salvation that, before asking, “What must I do to be saved?” we must first address, “What must I not do to be saved?” Beginning with the hyper-Calvinistic belief, “I don’t need to do anything to be saved,” Pastor Ray takes up over half a dozen snares to the soul. These include believing that you cannot do what God requires; fleeing to a refuge of lies in order to avoid self-denial; trusting in an intellectual understanding devoid of obedience; pride that says, “I have the truth;” waiting for a better time to submit to Jesus; accusing, name-calling, or stonewalling God or others; and unforgiveness. These all block repentance. Walking in any of these ways will quickly grieve the Holy Spirit, and, if not dealt with, result in the eternal damnation of one’s soul. Are you walking in salvation today?

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