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Arrogance Is Like Idolatry

In today's message, King's Saul is uncovered by Samuel and his arrogance is exposed. Rather than repenting, he sought to justify his own self-worship.
6-04-2024   Arrogance Is Like Idolatry

Scriptures Used in Today’s Message: 1 Samuel 15

Today’s message is another one in this series on King Saul as he faced the Amalekites. Saul’s heart was uncovered by Samuel through the power of the Holy Spirit, but the uncovering of his heart did not result in repentance. He gave a half-hearted repentance but in reality, there was no repentance. Unless we honestly the pride of our own hearts, we cannot be saved.

How do we react when our wickedness is uncovered, do we blame someone else, or do we have a half-hearted repentance (yeah, I did it) or do we honestly repent? The heart of Jesus is to forgive all sin that is repented of. Are you willing to take responsibility for your sin before Jesus?

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