The Cost of Ownership (2009)

What is the ultimate cost of ownership of our own lives? Withholding from God will break our covenant with him.

This powerful, terrifying message exposes the true cost of rejecting self-denial. Beginning in the Garden of Eden, Brother David Sampson shows that Adam did not sin spontaneously. Sin began to fester in Adam’s heart when he declared of his wife, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh,” thereby seizing ownership of Eve and his own life. This ownership–which is really stealing from God–cost he and Eve their covenant shield with the Almighty. Adam, no longer clean in his heart before God, opened the door to darkness through which the devil and confusion entered. When presented with the forbidden fruit, Adam’s heart just flowed right into the commission of sin. Had he been clean with God, he could have said, “No, honey, I won’t eat that,” and interceded for his wife, and the fall of man would not have happened.

This cost of ownership is just as real to us. Any withholding from God will break our covenant with him. Instead of being a vessel of redemption for others, the devil will have free reign to destroy those whom God intends to save by us. The job, coffee, relationship, or habit that you cling to because you “need it to survive” is a refusal to submit to Jesus and the peace of God that comes when we receive full provision from him. This will ruin not only your own soul, but those of your closest friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers. Is having your own life really worth that cost??

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