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We Are Rushing Toward The DAY OF THE LORD

Do you see that we're rushing quickly toward the day of the Lord? Have you been set free from your sin by the power of the blood?
4-20-2022 -  We Are Rushing Toward The DAY OF THE LORD

Have you been made holy by the blood of righteous and is this decision reflected in how you spend your time and money? The question is always whether Jesus will accept us, not the other way around. Can you continue in sin and will the love of God somehow save you? In a word, NO, it’s an invention of the modern church.

Are you living up to the light you know in your heart (see the excerpt below from the book that Pastor Ray read where Finney is asking several critcal questions)? Remember that salvation under the New Covenant are always FROM sin not IN sin. There’s much more I could write but think it’s critically important for you to listen with your Bible.

“Well, do you believe that you have treated God as you should? Have you respected His authority? Have you loved Him? Have you done what you thought would please Him? Don’t you admit that you ought to love Him, worship Him, and obey Him according to the best light you have?” “Oh, yes,” he said, “I admit all this.” “But have you done so?” I asked. “Why, no,” he answered, “I cannot say that I have.” “Well then,” I replied, “why should I give you further information and further light if you will not do your duty and obey the light you already have?

Finney, Charles G.. Holy Spirit Revivals (pp. 165-166). Whitaker House. Kindle Edition.

We’re also including the Jonathan Edwards sermon below that Pastor Ray referenced.


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