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WARNING!!! This Will Not Be Easy

The illusion of our spiritual life in America must be uncovered and all lukewarmness must be purged from our hearts.
4-25-2022 - WARNING!!! This Will Not Be Easy

Pastor Ray walks us through a deeper revelation of the message to the Laodicean church. Do you have ears to thoughtfully listen and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal where your heart is? Know that the heart of Jesus is not to condemn you but to convict you, to be honest.

The starting point is always to agree with the Holy Spirit and not to reason away the precious conviction of the Holy Spirit, which we’re all prone to do. Is your heart lukewarm and will you confess that to Jesus? Will you take responsibility for your own walk with Jesus or attempt to justify yourself? Jesus will walk you through the remaining steps that Pastor Ray outlines only if you’re willing to be absolutely honest and willing to obey whatever the Holy Spirit asks of you. It’s time for the lukewarm church to be a painful memory, will you press into today?


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